What To Expect

Your first visit at our clinic is meant to gather as much information about your health history as we can in order to figure out the best way to serve you. Please allow at least 45 minutes for your first visit with us.

Your initial visit begins with you filling out our new patient paperwork. Please have all paperwork filled out before arriving at your scheduled appointment time. (Note: If you are unable to fill out paperwork beforehand, please arrive 20 minutes early to allow yourself time to fill out paperwork. If you arrive to your appointment without paperwork filled out, you will be rescheduled) This paperwork is filled with necessary information about you, your health history and your current condition.

Next you will join our patient educator to go over some of the key information you filled out in the forms. In order to get a full clinical picture, she will ask you different questions regarding your health history, how your current condition is affecting your daily life, about any chiropractic care you may have received prior, dietary habits, postural habits and any personal health goals you may have for yourself. Following the consultation, you will meet with the doctor and the exam will begin.

The exam is comprised of various movements the doctor will ask you to do and palpation (touch) of areas around the spine and different muscle groups. X-rays are sometimes needed in order to assess and diagnose certain conditions. If these are needed in your case, we can shoot and develop the x-rays in the clinic for a timely diagnosis.

After your initial chiropractic evaluation, your corrective and maintenance spinal care will begin. These appointments are 10 minutes where you are able to talk with your chiropractor about your care and get your adjustment.